8 Days in the Ultimate SAHARA

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We offer a wide range of activities including 4x4 tours, tours and trekkings in the Morocco desert and Atlas mountains travel with tripadvisor lonely planet guide A new year celebration under the stars across the desert wilderness around a camp fire as you dance to the rhythms of folklore of the region, also visits to the Kasbahs, the Imperial cities of Meknes, Fez and Marrakech, as well as the wonderful Ouarzazate region with the Dra'a valley, the Dades and Todra gorges where you'll be able to admire the highest mountains and southern dunes. Our tours, excursions, treks and bivouacs can be adapted to your personal needs and requirements. Please let us know here if you think to a customized trip. We will reply within 24 hours indicating the feasibility and information concerning price.

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8 Days in the Ultimate SAHARA - 8 days/7 nights - Departure Marrakesh

This programm is made for those who are facsinated by the desert atmopsphere and its charm, they want to enjoy the sun rise and sun set in the large dunes. And to have a unique experience of Camel trekking

1st Day: You arrive to Marrakesh where we will meet you to ensure your transfert to Ouarzazate and from there to M'hamid

2nd Day: Your caravan departs early in the morning. Camels will be loaded with everything you need for your journey. Later you and your guide begin the journey away from everything and into the harsh and beautiful Sahara. From this moment, you will spend your days riding 3 to 4 hours every morning and afternoon.

3rd Day: After an early morning breakfast, your camels are saddled and loaded and your journey continues. Before midday your caravan stops and lunch is served. Then as the noon day air heats, the winds pickup and the sand starts to swirl. You hunker down, pulling your turban up over your mouth and eyes to keep the sand out. As the sun starts to set and the winds die down, camels are herded back in and you ride for another 2 hours and make camp for the evening.

4th Day: You have crossed rock strewn Reg, without any sign of life except the marage that play tricks on the eyes. Then, you get to a 300' wall of sand, as far as the eye can see; "The Erg Chgaga!" By lunch you arrive at our camp at the base of the dunes. The rest of the day is yours to explore and marvel at this bounding sea of sand. 

5th Day: With food and water half exhausted, it is time to head back to M'hamid. Your ride starts early, interrupted only by lunch and perhaps a howling sandstorm.

6th Day: This is your last full day in the desert. Enjoy your sleep that night, under the boundless Sahara sky ,for tomorrow you will be in the Hotel Sahara.

7th Day: Half day of riding and you return to M'hamid. You will have a room waiting for you at the Hotel Sahara and a well deserved and much needed shower. Take all the time you want, dinner will be waiting for you.

8th Day: In the morning, you take the route of Marrakech.


  Price per person
No Days Meals 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons 6 persons
8 Full-board 720€ * 660€ * 620€ * 540€ * 480€ *


25% cut for children under 12 years old, Free for children under 5 years old. (one child for each family).
This price includes the 4x4, driver, fuel, all accommodations and meals as well as the camel ride on the relevant tours.
Drinks and other extras such as entrance fees or tips are not included.Image1



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